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Plant Problems? There’s a mobile-friendly website for that!

All plants can fall victim to insects, diseases, and environmental problems. How they respond to this stress is often the same: Wilting, yellowing, holes, rots, blight—it’s a long list! With so much overlap in symptoms, it can be quite a challenge for people to identify their plant health problems accurately,[Read More…]

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Spotted Lanternfly Now in Northern and Southern Indiana

Hoosiers Citizens Report Spotted Lanternfly in Northern IN. Report finds to 866-663-9684.

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National Tree Check Month? Check your Pool Filters Too!

Checking your pool filter and your trees could save your neighborhood from invasive pests.

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Droplets of honeydew produced by the tuliptree aphid accumulated during dry weather.

Beware the Honeydew List

Honeydew, or the sticky liquid excrement that accumulates beneath trees infested with sucking insects, can attract stinging insects, pit the finish of your car, and coat your plants and picnic tables with black sooty mold. Learning which trees are prone to these problems can keep you from getting tied up in a sticky mess.

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The image shows a person’s hands repotting a plant. Photo by Ivan Radic, flickr

Avoiding Jumping Worm When Landscaping and Gardening

Jumping worm is spreading in the Midwest. Take these steps to avoid spreading it when planting this spring.

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The image shows a black insect with white spots clinging to a green stem. The photo is by Stan Lupo, flickr.

Update: Spotted lanternfly has hatched

Spotted lanternfly has hatch. Keep your eyes peeled for them and report them if you see them.

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Three Tree Pest Insects That Will Start Hatching Soon

Warm weather means hatching insects as well as blooming flowers. Here are three to keep your eye out for and some management tips for them.

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Ninebark flower clusters turn to red seed capsules that persist into the winter. Photo credit: Ashley Adair

Planting for our Future: Landscaping with Natives

Throughout the decades, many landscape fads have ended in failure. Dame’s rocket, wintercreeper, and purple loosestrife are a few examples of beautiful and vigorous ornamentals that have wreaked havoc on our natural ecosystems. Nursery professionals, as well as consumers, were unaware of the potential negative impacts of non-native species, often[Read More…]

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A close up of a mantis’s face. It is turned towards the camera.

5 Bugs that Might Hitchhike on Holiday Decorations: 3 harmless and 2 to worry about

Key Information: Insects rarely get transported inside on decorations. DO NOT treat your decorations with insecticide. This is potentially dangerous to your family and pets. Don’t worry. Most of the insects that hitch a ride on decorations are harmless.   A surprise, six-legged guest is the last thing most people[Read More…]

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A hand holding a spotted lanternfly. The insect has bright red hind wings and a yellow abdomen. It also has black and white spots. It has a drop of honeydew coming out of its abdomen.

10 Places to Refresh Your Management Knowledge Over the Winter

Fall and winter is a great time to update your knowledge of plants, pests, and new management techniques. We’ve compiled a list of upcoming events that will help you learn what you need to know for next spring.

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Spotted lanternfly found in Southern Indiana (Photo by A. Rust (Indiana DEPP).

Spotted Lanternfly Found in Indiana

Hoosiers find Spotted Lanternfly in IN. Report finds to 866-663-9684.

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A close up for boxwood twigs. Many of the leaves are dead and messy webs tightly cover the twigs.

New Pest Alert: Watch your boxwoods for this moth

What happened Now is an important time to take a close look at your boxwoods. Plants infested with the invasive box tree moth (Cydalima perspectalis) may have been accidentally transported into Indiana. This moth is native to Asia and has long been the scourge of boxwoods (Buxus sp.) in Europe.[Read More…]

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Carpenter bees: What’s that buzzing around your porch?

Are small, round holes appearing on your porch? Picnic tables? Fence posts? You may have carpenter bees!

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Eastern Tent Caterpillar on Crabapple

Make your plants healthier by improving the timing of your pest management

Learn how to use and contribute to new tools that will help you better time pest control.

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callery pear bud break

Annual Reminder to Identify Callery Pear for Removal

As bud break is currently occurring on early species in southern and central Indiana, remember to be on the lookout for callery pear (Pyrus calleryana) on properties that you manage for removal.  Callery pear (multiple cultivars in the landscape from this species) has become a major invasive species of concern[Read More…]

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2021 Indiana Green Expo to go online with live and on-demand sessions

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. —The 2021 Indiana Green Expo (IGE) will offer professional turfgrass, landscape and nursery managers recorded and live sessions. Recorded classes will be available Monday (Jan. 18) through Feb. 4. Keynote addresses, a virtual trade show and networking sessions will air live Tuesday (Jan. 19) through Jan. 22,[Read More…]

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Green aphids feeding on a pine tree. The insects are smaller than the pine needles and are round with long legs. Image by S. Rae on flickr

Holiday decoration and firewood hitchhikers: How these bugs get in your house and what to do about them

If you notice insects in your house a few days after bringing in a load of firewood or setting up your Christmas tree, you may have picked up an insect hitchhiker. Don’t worry! These bugs are rare and almost always harmless. Learn how to deal with them here!

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Asian jumping worms: ID, impact, and prevention

Jumping worms (a.k.a. snake worms, crazy worms, Amynthas spp.) While you’re gardening in the coming weeks keep your eyes peeled for jumping, wriggling worms. Asian jumping worms are spreading in the Midwest and they can do serious damage to your yard.   Where are they from? No one is sure[Read More…]

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Current Issues in the Green Industry: Featuring Senator Mike Braun

Join us May 12th at 4:00 pm (EDT) at this link: The Purdue Green Industry Team and Indiana Nursery and Landscape Association would like to invite you to a virtual event for the Green Industry and other Agri-Businesses featuring United States Senator Mike Braun.  He will be providing updates[Read More…]

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“Murder” Hornets: Should you panic? Probably not. Here’s why.

The presence of these hornets in the United States is could be bad news for honeybees and native insects alike but there’s no need to panic yet.

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