Lindsey Purcell

Lindsey Purcell came to the department of Forestry and Natural Resources in 2008 and brings a wealth of experience, including eight years with the city of Indianapolis as forestry supervisor and city forester, director of operations for The Nature Conservancy of Indiana, working many years for tree care and landscape maintenance firms, and adjunct instructor of horticulture technology at Vincennes University. Lindsey is an ISA Certified Arborist with an A.S. from Vincennes University, B.S. from Purdue and M.Ed. from Indiana State. As executive director of the Indiana Arborists Association, his goal will be developing a vibrant extension program that anticipates the needs of the urban forestry community and arboriculture professionals Lindsey will work closely with students at Purdue pursuing a minor in Urban Forestry, providing instruction in Arboriculture Practices and Urban Forestry Issues courses in the FNR department.

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