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Ready, Set, Prune!

Indiana is well-known for its erratic weather. Hoosiers, along with all Midwesterners, have numerous sarcastic sayings regarding the weather.


“If you don’t like the weather, just wait ten minutes.”

“The forecast is made up and the seasons don’t matter.”

“It will be winter at 6 am and summer by 3 pm. Dress accordingly.”


With the impacts of climate change, Indiana will likely see increased variability in winter temperatures and increased spring precipitation, resulting in potentially cold and saturated soils early in the growing season (Bowling, et. al., 2020). Simply put, Indiana’s erratic weather is expected to become more erratic and even with 60°F days in the forecast, March is still the time for pruning and planning.


Although pruning can be done other times of the year, March is an ideal time for fruit and shade trees. The pest pressure is low and without vegetation, the branch structure is easier to evaluate. Proper pruning techniques are crucial for the overall health of the tree. Cut too close to the trunk or leave too much of a stub and the branch collar will not heal before pests discover this easy entry into the tree. For a complete review of proper tools and techniques, the Pruning Ornamental Trees and Shrubs publication provides comprehensive details and diagrams.


When it comes to planning a garden, catalogs and magazines provide an easy source of ideas, but garden shows offer inspiration. There are a number of shows that install complete landscapes allowing visitors to essentially walk through the pages of a catalog and speak directly with industry professionals and horticulture specialists. With shows throughout Indiana, there is sure to be one nearby.


March 2-5

The Fort Wayne Home & Garden Show

Fort Wayne, IN


March 10-12

Home Garden & Remodeling Show

Louisville, KY


March 11-19

Indiana Flower & Patio Show

Indianapolis, IN


March 18

Putnam County – Garden Fair

Greencastle, IN


March 25

Morgan County – GardenFest and Pansy Sale

Martinsville, IN


April 1

Boone County – Gardenfest

Lebanon, IN


April 14-15

Indiana Daffodil Society – Daffodil Show

Columbus, IN


April 15

Purdue Student Horticulture Society Plant Sale

Purdue Spring Fest; West Lafayette


April 22

Tippecanoe County – Garden Expo

Lafayette, IN


April 22-23

Spring Orchid Show

Indianapolis, IN


April 29

Hendricks County – Gardening for All Ages

Danville, IN


May 20

Hamilton County – Plant & Iris Sale

Noblesville, IN


For upcoming Purdue Extension Master Gardener programs and events, visit:



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