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Oak Kermes Scale and Fungal Dieback: A One-Two punch for Northern Red Oak

Northern red oak (Quercus rubra) is a Midwest native and is generally well adapted to growth across much of the region, but we get questions about dieback or ‘flagging’ on it fairly regularly. The two most common causes of twig dieback on this host are Kermes scale (Allokermes galliformis and[Read More…]

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Droplets of honeydew produced by the tuliptree aphid accumulated during dry weather.

Beware the Honeydew List

Honeydew, or the sticky liquid excrement that accumulates beneath trees infested with sucking insects, can attract stinging insects, pit the finish of your car, and coat your plants and picnic tables with black sooty mold. Learning which trees are prone to these problems can keep you from getting tied up in a sticky mess.

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