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Amanda Bailey Mosiman

Purdue Extension – Warrick County Ag and Natural Resource Extension Educator

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Janna Beckerman

Dr. Beckerman’s primary responsibility at Purdue University is to lead the plant pathology extension education effort in horticultural crops by developing and enhancing a close working relationship between the University, extension educators, and members of the fruit and ornamentals industries, and the developing hemp industry. There are two major approaches to managing plant disease in horticultural crops: Incorporating disease resistance, when possible, and utilizing fungicides, when necessary. The goal of my extension program is to enable commercial growers to effectively and sustainably manage both chemical (fungicide) and genetic (disease resistance) resources while protecting the environment. To this end, research in Dr. Beckerman’s lab includes: • Biology and management of apple diseases, including apple scab, bitter rot, canker diseases, and sooty blotch and flyspeck, with a focus on fungicide resistance and improved delivery. • Improving fungicide efficacy in horticultural crops • Morel biology and genomics • Hemp pathology https://purduehemp.org • The Purdue Landscape Report https://www.purduelandscapereport.org/ • Facts for Fancy Fruit https://fff.hort.purdue.edu As part of her extension program, she has developed (with Dr. Cliff Sadof, Entomology) a series of four apps, to assist homeowners in the diagnosis and management of landscape plants, and tomatoes. these apps work for both the iOS and Android platforms. For more information see www.purdueplantdoctor.com

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Chris Carlson, Associate Professor, Kent State University

Tom Creswell

As Director of the Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory (PPDL), I am responsible for overseeing daily operations and administration of the lab. The PPDL is an interdisciplinary lab, taking advantage of technical expertise from several departments in the College of Agriculture to provide diagnostic and identification services to our clients. Our lab serves as the state laboratory for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). My responsibilities include supervising PPDL staff, and managing all accounts and finances. In my role as a diagnostician I work toward accurate and timely diagnosis of plant disease problems on samples submitted to the PPDL, along with control recommendations when requested. I help provide training in disease diagnostics to county Cooperative Extension educators, grower groups and others. Outreach efforts include timely contributions of disease diagnostic information to newsletters and our website to help keep our clients informed about current problems.

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Kyle Daniel

The Purdue University Commercial Nursery and Landscape program strives to make the industry in Indiana, the Midwest, and the United States more profitable, sustainable, effective and efficient, while increasing the quality of life for the owners, employees, and the general public through education, research, and outreach programs. The Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, with the assistance of Purdue University Extension, aides in facilitating these endeavors. Being a leading land grant institution, extension and outreach programs are designed to facilitate the advancement of agricultural industries, including the Nursery and Landscape Industry. We will commit to the industry to develop and maintain effective educational programming and research that will be relevant and productive for the industry’s needs. We always welcome feedback to become a more efficient resource for the Nursery and Landscape Industry.

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Steve Frank

Steve Frank's website
Professor and Extension Specialist in the Department Entomology and Plant Pathology at North Carolina State University

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Lindsey Purcell

Lindsey Purcell came to the department of Forestry and Natural Resources in 2008 and brings a wealth of experience, including eight years with the city of Indianapolis as forestry supervisor and city forester, director of operations for The Nature Conservancy of Indiana, working many years for tree care and landscape maintenance firms, and adjunct instructor of horticulture technology at Vincennes University. Lindsey is an ISA Certified Arborist with an A.S. from Vincennes University, B.S. from Purdue and M.Ed. from Indiana State. As executive director of the Indiana Arborists Association, his goal will be developing a vibrant extension program that anticipates the needs of the urban forestry community and arboriculture professionals Lindsey will work closely with students at Purdue pursuing a minor in Urban Forestry, providing instruction in Arboriculture Practices and Urban Forestry Issues courses in the FNR department.

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Doug Richmond

Professor and Turfgrass Entomology Extension Specialist

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