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Spotlight on Weeds: Dandelion

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)



Family: Asteraceae

Life cycle: Perennial

Reproduces: Seed

Flowers: 1-2” diameter yellow disk and ray flowers on long stalk.

Leaves: Simple, lobed (variable), wavy margins (variable), 3-10” long originating from a basal rosette

Seedlings: Dicotyledon that is smooth, yellow-green and lack hairs.

Comments: A very prominent tap root that can vegetatively propagate. The flower stalk originates from the basal rosette.


Cultural and Mechanical Control:

  • Cultivation (if practical)

Chemical Control:


  • Dichlobenil (Casoron)
  • Isoxaben (Gallery)
  • Indaziflam (Marengo/Specticle)
  • Oxyfluorfen and pendimethalin (OH2)
  • Oxyfluorfen and oryzaline (Rout)
  • Trifluralin and isoxaben (Showcase and Snapshot)
  • Flumioxazin (Sureguard/Broadstar)


  • Glyphosate (many trade names)
  • Bentazon (Basagran T/O)
  • Sulfosulfuron (Certainty)
  • Glufosinate (Finale)
  • Clopyralid (Lontrel)

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